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USA2 Alliance [Copy the link of this thread]

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This is for anyone who is in the USA2 Alliance or Wants to be in.

Members: 11/80 Open

Alliance Over: Davidar1 [Founder]
Chief Of Staff: Thundering Bear1
Staff Officer: Claytaurus

Private First Class: [none]
Requirements:Will Accept anyone who has Reputation of 2000.
Alliance Introduction:

"We are an alliance that is growing,

welcome anyone who joins. All i ask is that we continue to do so."

Events:Promotions will be happening for the following spots "Chief of Staff and Staff Officer"


USA, axis, Britain, 3rdreich, canada, ANZAC, Britain2



"We don't Attack Allies, We show them that were Allies to them."

Incoming Attacks(Info on Enemy Players)

If your on the list then you are an Enemy towards the USA Alliance until Peace is placed

To all members of USA Alliance:

If your away from the game for quite some time [7days] you may be pulled off from the Alliance.

Unless it's vacation or off to somewhere you can contact me "Davidar1"

about being off so we know not to cancel your membership from the Alliance.

Also it would be helpful if you could change your banner to USA

It be easier to spot

USA2 Alliance Guide

Officer's Salary and Troop's Consumption in the Negatives

Flying High Quest Walk Through

More Guides will be made in the Future


What is your favorite place to Scout, Plunder or Seize?

More Links Coming Soon

Helpful Links for the beginners on the Game

Building List

First Day of The Stratagems

Forum Rules

Honor System

Use for Trucks

How to get your Rank up

Alliance Member Cap[coming soon]

More Links Coming Soon

If you love this game give it a 5 star on facebook


Server: River Plate 1940

Updated Daily

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I want in. How ?

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Hi all, can i join your alliance. From Singapore. Thank you

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