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[Guide] Rookie Guide - getting off on the right foot [Copy the link of this thread]

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So you have decided to join the war effort.  Bold move.  There can be a steep learning curve for a lot of Rookies and the result is missing out on some of the early bonuses.  The game gives all new players a fighting chance to get a small foot hold before opening you up to the free world.  You need to use this time wisely to build you city up so that you can sustain and support yourself.  You will find there are a lot of different opinions out there are to the best way to approach things or do things and at the end of the day it will come down to a little trial and error on your part combined with useful tips and hints you are able to pick up on the way.  I would consider myself still fairly new and am still learning some of the ins and outs but along the way I have learnt some very valuable lessons that would have sped up my journey.

Rockie Protection and How to Make the Most of it?
For the first 7 days you have rookie protection where you cannot be attacked by other more established players.  During this time you are given a chance to build up your city and start becoming self-sufficient.  Probably the biggest thing you can do during this time is take advantage of the Rookie Gifts you get from the Missions.  These Rookie gifts can give you Speed Ups for Building Construction and Production Bonuses to help increase your resource out put.  Probably the more important thing to do during this period it to focus on increasing your population and resource output as in order to build your city you need people and resources.  It is also a good idea to scout your area and get a sense as to who is around you.  By holding your mouse over another players City you will see what their Reputation is and more importantly if there are in an alliance.  If you happen to be in a part of the world where there aren't many people in alliances and have low Rep you probably won't have to worry too much about getting attacked once your Rookie period is over and won't need to focus on defending yourself.

Probably the best thing you could do is to find yourself an alliance to hook up with.  This could be tricky at first as a lot of alliances are hard to get into when you have a low rep, but if you look around the map and find out what alliances are in your area try and get in with one.  Alliances can be a huge wealth of knowledge for a new player and they will provide you with protection when the Rookie period is over and more importantly if it is a good alliance will help you out with things like resources and troops.  If you are an active daily player an alliance will go out of their way to help you succeed.  Shortly after joining my alliance my rep doubled from the tips I was give.   

Production Basics:
Probably the most important thing to get a handle of with regards to production is understanding the relationship between workers and your maximum capacity for that resource.  When you build a building it will tell you how many workers are needed and how much capacity that building has.  Each time you level up a building it adds to your capacity.  Capacity is important as if you go over your capacity there disasters that destroy some of your hard earned resources.  Similarly if you grown your population too fast and have too many idol workers they may leave your city.  So at the start it is a dance you do to maximize your work works and make sure that you have enough capacity as to not lose goods.  

Unless you get the Construction Mobilization thing the most buildings you can build at any time is 2.  At the start it can be handy to build 2 buildings of a kind at a time as they will both finish at the same time which helps speed things up.  Some resources need more workers than others and some are going to be more important than others. To start it is good to have a fairly even mix of all resources.  Each time you upgrade your City Hall you are going to get more resources.  My biggest error was building on all open fields right away.  Rather than building on as many open fields as possible upgrade the ones you have as fast as possible as a level 7-9 will produce more than a bunch of 1's.  This will also give you more flexibility later.  

To figure out what your capacity is beside the resource count you will see an icon.  If you put your mouse over that you will see how much you are producing, deductions and your cap space.  At the beginning it is a good thing to try and balance your it out so that you are growing your resources to match your growing pop.

Population and Labor:
As I mentioned above it is important to balance your labor force with your production as if you have too many idol laborers they will take off.  You can always summon more laborers at your city hall but the easiest way at the start to get more workers is by giving them more housing and lowering your tax rate.  Your population works for 3 things, building, making resources and making troops.  When you enlist troops they take away from your population, so it is only really advisable to turn people into troops when you have a lot of idol workers.  But you need to remember that troops need to be fed, so you need to have enough food coming in to feed your troops.  Again the knee jerk reaction is to build lots of low level houses.  To start you should build no more than 9 houses.  You can upgrade them to level 2 before you have to upgrade your City Hall.  Rather than building more houses, upgrade your city hall and then you can upgrade your 9 houses.  The reason for this is that you can get rid of things you build but you have to downgrade them, so if it takes 5min to build it will take you 5 more min to take down.  Downgrading a level 7 house can take a very long time.

Building Strategies:
In the first week you probably don't need to worry about building up your military.  What you need to build will depend on what you want to do.  Most things you only need one of.  You probably don't need to worry about Storage as it is only good for saving in the event of someone attacking you and there are other ways that you can protect your resources.  Your Research Center is worth putting time and energy into as it will help speed things up.  When it comes to the other buildings at the start just do the minimum requirements in order to do what you need.

Ranking and Reputation:
Moving up ranks and gaining reputation can be done in a few different ways.  Missions can be some of the easiest ways for new players to get rep as there are missions that are easy to do that will give you rep.  The other way you get rep is by fighting.  You can either seize or plunder fields around you.  In order to do this you need an army and an officer.  The game says that infantry are cheap and useful at the start, but they are a total waste of time.  If you want to get out there and start plundering and seizing to move up faster invest some time and energy in getting at least 3 arms plants up to level 4 and start building some Armored Vehicles.  You will soon discover that AV's are your best friends on the battle field.  If you stay on top of your Missions and do what you need to do to complete them you will be well on your way.

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