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[Guide] Rookie Guide [Copy the link of this thread]

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Welcome to the world of stratagems, the aim of the game is to build your city, produce troops and become the biggest, strongest player in the game!
Rookie protection- How to make the most of it
When you first start the game you will get seven days of rookie protection. During rookie protection you cannot be attacked by other players. While in rookie protection you have a unique opportunity to develop you resource production facilities without fear of being attacked, you should use this time to build up your resource fields and develop technologies. Towards the end of rookie protection (about day4-5) you should be thinking of switching your emphasis to troop production in order to be able to defend yourself and go out and prosper.
Production basics
The first thing you should do when starting the game is to start to produce resources, you do this by building farms, oil refineries, steel plants and rare metal plants; during this period you will also want to build civilian houses as these are needed to get a larger population.
Construction basics
When first starting to build resource building try to build equal numbers of farms, oil refineries, steel mills and rare metal plants, as you will need all four resources to build more buildings and troops, over time build more farms and oil refineries as long term these will produce the most critical resources.
Population and labour
A large population is needed to provide workers for your up and coming city, try to keep your idle labour positive as if it is negative you will not be producing as many resources as you are capable of. Your idle population also provides you city with people to become your future troops.
Reputation and ranking up
There are three main ways to gain reputation and rank up. The fist way is to complete missions, these are found in the top right hand corner of the screen labelled “missions”. The second way to gain reputations is to produce troop, for all of the troops that you produce you will gain reputation point. The other way to gain reputation is to destroy other people’s troops; this can be done by plundering or seizing other players or NPC’s (Non-Player-Controlled) cities or resource fields.
Alliance Guide
When starting in stratagems it is important to join an alliance, your alliance will be there to help you, you can ask them questions if you are unsure of anything and you can help each other by sending resources to help each other out. Also together we are stronger, you can join with other alliance members to attack other players or you can reinforce another player’s city to prevent it being destroyed in an attack.

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