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[Guide] intermediate guide!!! by ansem philippine sea 1944 represent [Copy the link of this thread]

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- Introduction

- Trading

- Establishing and managing multiple cities

- Attack and Defense tactics

- PvP

- NPCs

- Fields

This game gets rough quickly....in a few short hours you could find your entire army wiped out...and yourself being farmed...there are many ways to avoid this...

First off use the trading center as a place to store your resources that are needed to reboot your base, on top of that sell extra resources as quick as you can to make much needed gold for research. In many cases research makes the game go round. A level 5 ballistics with 10000 rockets will get smashed by a person with level ten ballistics and only 5k rockets.

That being said use multiple cities as specialtiy cities. Have one for steel, one for rare, 2 for oil, one for military production and the rest make food. As the game progresses your army gets quite huge mine is only around 250 k soldiers atm but even that takes up alot of food. When your trying to expand to get more cities attack level 5 npc cities with 12k spg, 5k rockets and 50 av. IF your techs are maxed out you will not loose anything except maybe one or two av. You will gain 4k rep and experience for your officer. Also send your troops out and take over level ten fields and begin to ransack them, currently i have 30 officers in fields ransacking. THis allows plenty of medals to quickly upgrade to your next rank.

NPC battles have become very important with joy forts new missions. IT is important to set up those cities next to npc cities so that way you can constantly farm them for exp, rep and these new missions.

Fields are a great way to advance over other people in this game, a level ten field of any time can easily be taken over by 10k fighters and ten k bombers quickly and without much loss. You will be rewarded with a nice increase to your resources on top of approx 1k in rep. More importantly there appears to be a connection between ransacking and level of field.

Once you have done all these things....And you have plenty of food...Begin making a super city to create troops out of. Find your highest military general and make him army. Make sure that the production of the cities allows for a large amount of resources of each type to be stored. In my city i have a equal amount of each plant. Then take the resources from other cities and transport them to your military city...begin to create that army that people fear!.

ONCE you have that army...KEEP IT AT HOME ...its hard to do...but don't just send it off to battle..for the heck of it..pvp in this game is big rep, exp and a way to steal other peoples gear. Its best to keep your army safe behind your walls and only fight when you know you can win. IF you need to fight try attacking people with the right mixture of troops...if your opponent has 50k fighters and nothing else...attack with 20k av and 40k spg...for a easy win. Most of all dont waste your gold on healing your troops just use the free heal. Unless you got plenty of gold sitting around.

Defensive tactics differ from person to person...except that you should probably set all your defense structures to attack rockets...you may not be able to win the battle but you can make them pay...As for attacking its best to send in multiple waves to crash against enemy troops. For example having 100 motor units to block a group of fighters for one turn can be the difference between victory and defeat. Fighters should target planes...and rockets should target anything not planes. Besides that its up to what kind of army you want to have. IF you plan on attacking multiple people quickly then a giant plane army is what you need...the downfall is the amount of gas it takes for fighters to travel with trucks....I personally like a giant army of tanks, spg, and rockets...for attacks that cripple my opponent and steal their food. Thats the last advice i can freely give...if you see your opponent hiding his troops behind the wall...and its a substantial size...TAKE HIS FOOD!!!!! My best battle and victory was when 4000 trucks stole the food from a city, and when i came back a hour later he had lost 4k battleships on top of random parts of his army. Who knew how powerful trucks could be!!!!


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