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[Guide] franks rookie guide lvl 1 [Copy the link of this thread]

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Rookie guide lvl 1

Welcome to the game of war  Joyfort style, in this game you will have an opportunity to run solo or join with others as a group called an alliance, this is a free game but you may spend real money if quick advance is what you want, or just collect as you go along day to day and build build build. The game is simple enough and is easy to follow if you have patience and the time to learn it. Welcome to world war 2

Rookie Protection and how to make the most of it
When you begin the game you will start from scratch and build a city and an army. During the first week on the game you will be in rookie protection, this means you cannot attack anyone and nobody may attack you, it’s a chance to get built up a little before war breaks out for you. The best way to proceed while starting out in this mode is to follow the missions very closely and do everything the missions guide you to do. On the game window in the upper right corner you will notice a tab which says, Missions, click on this tab often and look at Expansion, everything you see in this category with a bold exclamation mark is available to you, make sure you collect on these missions regularly and as a rookie there will be lots here to collect on. These missions will give you things to help you and allow you to build quickly and advance. During you rookie protection phase there will be prompts for you to follow, make sure you follow these, it’s a walk through to help you get it going.

Production Basics
In your city you will see 2 sections, a military sector and a production zone. The production zone is where you build your farms, steel plants, rare metal plants and oil refineries, you need to increase your city hall level to get more production spaces opened up, the higher level your city hall the more production spaces you will have. You need to get these spaces full as soon as possible as they will give you food and metals and oil for expanding your city and for building army for your city. This is most important for without production running at max capacity you wont be doing much building or training of troops.

Construction Basics
In your military zone of your city is where you will build the buildings for your city, you will need houses for people to live, house levels increase as your city hall increases, you will require a research building, radar tower, general headquarters, staff headquarters, a military institute, transportation centre, light and heavy manufacturing plants, communication centre, an airport and a trade centre, 1 of each of these buildings. After this you can fill in the rest of the free spaces with arms plants (as many as you want ) warehouses to store your resources and houses for your citizens, again as many of these as you like, its best to probably have 12 houses up anyways.

Population and Labour
You need people to work your production plants and to build your city, as your houses increase in number and level your population will grow. Appoint a mayor  to your city, this can be done in your  staff headquarters, a good politics officer is best. You will have population and you will also see idle labour. Idle labour is needed to keep city running and to build your army, your troops and construction crews come from idle labour so make sure its always got people and not in the red. Try and keep your population growing, set the tax rate accordingly but do not set it beyond 50%, to get started tax should be kept low until people start flowing in and your city is getting built up.

Reputation and Ranking up
You will gain rep as you build your city and as your reputation grows your opportunity for promotions also increases, watch the missions and in expansion you will notice Flying High, this is where you get your promotions as a commander. As you get bigger and start training trroops you chances for reputation and experience increases, keep your eye on the missions they will guide you and help you get through this initial phase easier and show you what is needed to keep going especially once you’re out of protection. Rep and experience go hand in hand you cant rank up if you’re not getting rep and vice versa

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commander: polar

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