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[Guide] Leanthil's Guide to Officers [Copy the link of this thread]

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In this part of the guide I tell you everything I know about the officers.

You can attack (plunder or seize) anything only when you bring an officer with your units. Somebody have to give
them orders and command them. To attack, click on a field or a city, choose plunder or seize, and when you get the
'Dispatch' screen choose the officer you want to attack with. Scouting, transporting and dispatching units doesn't
need officers. Officers are good for ransacking fields too, and one of them can be appointed to be mayor of a city.
To ransack transport them to an earlier seized field (except plains and coastal plains), bring some units with them
(one is enough), then click on 'ransack' button. If you want to appoint one ofe them to mayor, you can do it in the
Staff Headquarters building.

You can recruit officers in the military institute (for gold), capture them after a succesful seize, or sometimes
you get one when God's favor shines on you. You can have as many officers as high the level of your Staff
Headquarters is in the same city. Note that you can capture a new officer only when you have less officers than the
maximum. Officers 'eat' gold (even captured but not recriuted officers, too!). Its quantity depends on the level of
them, so build civilian houses first to have the money for upkeeping.

Click on the 'OFFICERS' tab to see the list of your officers in the current city. On the left side you can see
their names and what they are doing right now. Click on one of them to see a more detailed description. First you
can see its name that can be changed as you wish. In the next lines there are: its level, its star level and its
current XP-s (detailed below), its salary (the amount of gold/hour), then its military attributes.
Attack and defense are used in battles. I couldn't figure out the exact mechanism, but the higher the better I can
tell you. Base attack=(10x modified military), base defense=(10x modified knowledge). In battles all units get
attack*5% bonus attack in every round and the defense must be working the same way I think. All two takes effect
both when you attack and when you are under attack, too, just like the other attributes. I tell you this because
some players think that one of that takes effect only in one case, and the other takes effect only in another, but
it's not true.
Politics attribute is good only for your mayor and the ones you send to ransack fields. The higher it is the faster
you construct the buildings and the more resources you get per hour, OR it increases the chance of finding jewelry
or else on a field.
Military attribute increases the attack of an officer and if its a mayor, decreases the construction time of your units.
Knowledge increases defense of an officer and if its a mayor, decreases the research time of the current technology.
All three attributes work only when you start construction, building or researching, so you can do a trick: appoint
for mayor an officer with the highest knowledge attribute, start researching, then appoint back the original mayor, and do this always when you want to do such things.
You can increase these three attributes when your officer levels up (or with various items and strategies).

Below the attributes you can see your officers loyalty. When you loose a battle with this officer it will be
decreased, and if it's too low, your officer will leave you. That isn't fun when he or she had lots of equipments
on. To avoid this, you can increase the morale by gifting jewelry or gold to this officer, just click on the 'AWARD' button.

In battles and by being mayor officers get XP-s. When they have enough you can level them up and increase one of
their attributes. You can't change your mind later, but if you use up enough 'reassignment procedures' (the
quantity depends on the officer's level), you can reallocate its points, so you can make a mayor from a real
fighter and vica versa. (You must use this button when you want to use attribute-increasing strategics, too).

Both XP and levels are detailed above but I haven't mentioned the stars yet. Stars show you the strenght of the
officers. An officer with more stars is better on the same level (have higher attributes) than another with less
stars. All officers can have a maximum of five stars, and you can get one by a strategic called 'Star Badge' that
can be found in chests or can be brought in the Blitzkrieg Outlet. Note that this stuff doesn't work always, you
must have luck.

Officers can use equipments, one for every slot. Click on a slot, then click on an equipment you want to equip.
These stuffs add bonuses for your officers attributes (attack, defense, military, politics, knowledge) as long as
it has them. Some equipments have level requisitions (these can be equipped only when the officer reached that
minimum level), while others must be bound to their wearers. This means if you equipped them once for an officer,
they can't be equipped for another (while simple equipments can). You can get equipments from:
- the Blitzkrieg Outlet by purchasing equipment chests
- the Blitzkrieg Outlet by spending honor
- from missions by putting together collected weapon parts (ELITE: Weapon Collection)
- from missions by collecting medalions (ELITE: Reward of Honor)
- from other mission rewards
- by capturing others players equipped officers.
The equipment pieces from the Reward of Honor missions have two other things. One: if you equip more then 4 from
the same collection on an officer, it will get additional bonuses and skills, two: they can go wrong by using them
(in every battle there is a chance to loose one point of durability, and if it reaches zero it won't give the bonuses any more), but you can repair them for money.

The skills make your officers really strong and special. Every officer can learn a maximum of three naval, ground
and aerial skill that does various things. Some lowers the oil consumption of your units, some increases your
reconnaisance technique, while others give bonus attack/armor or others. Most of them have levels, too (up to
five). When an officer reaches level 21/41/61/81 these skills give more bonuses than before. Skills can be found as
mission rewards or can be purchased in Blitzkrieg Outlet. If you want to train a skill to your officer, clik on the
green icon next to an empty slot, but it can learn it if you have luck. If you don't, try again later with another training manual. (Skills can't be transported between officers.)

Server name: S1
Commander name: Leanthil2

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Any word on how the skills are grouped? For example, is Counterattack Aerial, Naval or Ground? Like some are obvious, maelstrom, second wind, sonic boom, etc but it would be awesome to know which grouping the good ones such as relentless assault and counterattack fall under. Thank- you for your guide

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Reply Sam055 Add Thread

Sam, I would be happy if I knew it. :)

Some skills are obvious, it's true but sometimes I'm very surprised :)

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There is no grouping.  Each specific manual drops the two specific skills, (ground, air, naval) and doesn't drop the other 4.  The non-specific skills drop off everything.

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