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"[Rookie Guide] Get off the ground quickly"). [Copy the link of this thread]

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"[Rookie Guide] Get off the ground quickly").

a. Rookie Guide [Level 1]

- Introduction: Welcome to world war 2 this is'nt just a game.  This is a global crisis.  You can choose to fight for either the Allies or Axis powers by submitting your ticket after the Rookie period expires.  Every day you get Rookie Gifts
of 10 diamonds during the 1st week when you enter The Stratagems.
- click the "Mission" tab at the top right corner, followed by the "Daily" sub-tab, and then click the "Rookie Gifts" and then you've got the big kahuna..

- Rookie Protection & How to make the most of it: Rookie Protection protects first time players from being attacked by other players until it expires after 7 days or until your city hall reaches level 5.
- Production basics: There are 5 types of resources in this game food, metal,oil, rear metal and gold.  The more resources your city obtains the stronger your army and defences against attack and the faster population growth increases in your city.
- Construction basics: You can choose from 2 types of resource fields “production”&”military”. The higher the level of each construction within your city.  The more output it achieves for your city.
- Population and Labor: Your population growth is mainly governed by houses, farms and the tax rate of your city hall.  To increase your population you need to get your population growth up rapidly to create “idle labor”.  Which can be turned into troops, tanks and other audenance for your army and defences of your city.
- Reputation and Ranking up:  Once you  have your army established you can start working on inhancing your Reputation and Ranking within the game.  You have 3 options to choose from to achieve this objective Scout, Ransack and Seize.  By clicking on “Map” at the top left of your  options you are shown a map of your cities     position in the game, other nabouring cities and surrounding terrain.  There is 6 fields to choose from “Basin”, ”Forest”, ”Grassland”, ”Swamp”, ”Mountain” and  ”Field”.  By clicking on the target field you will the strength level of your intended field source.  To keep seizing resource fields you will have to keep upgrading your city hall.  Once seized you can begin ransacking for minerals and jewelery, for a period not exceeding  24 hoursas you will not receive any gains after this period.  Jewels can be used on your officers loyalty or can be sold for gold.  When your Reputation reaches a certain level the system will promote your rank.


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