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[Guide] franks Alliance Guide [Level 1] [Copy the link of this thread]

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Alliance Guide [Level 1]

I will try and explain alliances here or at the very least explain them from my point of view as I have experienced them in the game. I hope it’s useful and some of you can learn a little from it.
Creating/Joining an Alliance:
Upon starting the game you will find yourself alone with no friends, enemies or allies, ( unless you come with a friend ), at this time you will be building your war machine and mayb you have noticed chat on the world channel, most of this chat is done by alliance members, ( mostly leaders ) talking here and the odd stray, if you are thinking of creating an alliance you may start one provided you have 10,000 gold, this is how much it will cost you to create a new alliance. You will need a name for it and you will require members. Once you have your alliance started the world channel is where you can recruit. ( bottom right of your screen it says world, alliance, private ) you will notice this under your resources panel. Not all players are active so make sure you recruit active players or your alliance won’t go anywhere, non playing members do not contribute or support the alliance.
If starting your own alliance doesn’t appeal to you perhaps joining someone elses does. Again, you will need to watch world chat, ( this is the only chat you will see or get until you are a member of an alliance ) leaders do their recruiting here but most insist you play regularly and as often as possible, the upper echelon of alliances have reputation minimums to join their alliance. There are several ways to join another alliance, one is as mentioned above, watching world chat, another way is to click on the alliance tab and see all the alliances listed there and put in an application to join, do this by viewing the alliance you’re interested in, another way is to talk on the world channel and be noticed in a way that draws a leader to you, as I did when I started J , but be careful, it don’t take much, in fact very little lmao to attract someone to you for wrong reasons and they come and make war against you, wooohooo, “ unleash the dogs of war“, “ have we not heard the chimes at midnight” Joining an alliance is a good thing in this game, you won’t stand much chance alone and most likely will be made into a farm for someone elses city and army, Choose wisely!!!!
Alliance Management:
I do not do too much management of the alliance I’m in but, as chief of staff its my responsibility to make sure things run smoothly when the leader is not available, diplomacy both inside and outside the alliance is paramount at all times, members need to be organized and sometimes even put back in line for stepping out when they should not, some do get excited and hyper lol, there are normally a few chief of staffs so one person is not sorely responsible for everything all the time, there is lots of help, even when the leader is on everyone works together as 1 and communicates clearly. Its up to the leader and his staff to keep the alliance running and choosing enemies and allies without biting off more than the alliance can chew. The leader and his staff do all of the talking for the alliance with members of other alliances, one wrong word and you’re going to war so humble pie needs to be served from time to time to preserve the alliance and its members. Its important for the leaders and his staff to know each members ability to fight and when each will be ready so war can be planned properly without guessing or non thought. All in all, pick your moments and keep your mouth shut until all are and is in place and your ready then speak of your intent with actions and enjoy your war hahaha!!!
Not much to say about this since it says it all just about, members, people in an alliance, alliance members, a group of people who make up and form an alliance, an alliance can have 100 members
Staff Positions:
Besides Leader you have a chief of staff, ( several of these ) and staff officer, ( again several ) , staff officers have less power than chief of staff, they cant declare anyone an enemy or make an enemy an ally or just make them nothing lol what the staff officers can do is recruit and help manage the alliance from the inside only, leader and chief of staff were explained in alliance management, see above.
As an alliance leader you need to be diplomatic both to avoid war and also to cause it. Its important to be humble and not get too carried away as a leader as this may cause the destruction of your alliance, this could happen by war with another or from within, your members may revolt and leave the alliance if they don’t see you fit to rule and command. Even if you don’t like a particular alliance or even some of their members its important to keep it to yourself until it is the right time to allow others to know of your intent and what direction the alliance will go or what actions will be required. A good leader has his info working and has good intel from many sources both inside his own alliance and from other alliances as well, cant stress diplomacy enough very important to have friends among other alliances.
War is, well its war lol, the leader and his chief of staff can both declare war on another alliance, this happens when diplomacy fails or, heck its just time to fight and have some fun and you need an enemy to beat on, haha.
United Offence:
This is really cool, this is when 2 or more members of an alliance join together their armies and go take on a single target. The player furthest from the target will be the one to invite the other to join him in the attack, both send their armies, the player invited will have his time automatically set when he sends his troops, usually a delay since he is closest to said target, both armies will reach the target at the same time, the player who sent the invite will control the armies in the battle, the invited player will get to watch the battle as it happens but, he/she cannot control his/her troops, you will just be an observer, hope your buddy knows how to use an army lol, its pretty cool though, I like this and in our alliance we practice it regularly, it’s a good thing to know.
United Defence:
Never had to defend myself, never been attacked so not sure bout this one, I would hazard a guess and say this is similar to above except you are defending and alliance members have sent troops to your city to help and assist in its defence, again only one will control the troops and since its your city under attack all the troops are at your disposal to use as you see fit to defend yourself, I do not believe you will be able to watch the defence though if you are one of the ones to send troops to help in defending, send your troops and wait till your buddy tells you all has been lost or you are victorious. If you want troops to be posted to your city from other players make sure you have a transportation centre up and running, 1 members troops per lvl of the centre, in other words, if your centre is lvl 1 then only one member may send troops to your city, if a lvl 2 then 2 members can send troops, lvl 3, 3 members can send, and so on and so on
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That's a really good guide

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thanks very much for your comment

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