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[Guide] Guide LVL1a Rookie Start Here [Copy the link of this thread]

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a.Rookie Guide [Level 1]


Welcometo the Stratagems a flash based multi-player war game.
Build your armies and destroy yourenemies, create alliances and rule the world.

-Rookie Protection & How to make the most of it

As a new player you are given some advantages to get you started off on the right foot.  First of all there are a number of basic missions to teach you how the game is played check these periodically as you complete many of then in the introductory days of gaming.
You are also given a 7 day bonus window where extra diamonds and other goodies are given to you as a new player.
Take advantage of theseand collect them all.  As a rookie you are protected from normal attack until your reputation reaches 50K.  This is a huge advantage and will give you time to get your cities and armies established.

-Production basics

Productionis basically 4 items: The 4 resource (res) items, Food, Steel, Oil and Rarethat are produced in your production fields and in active map fields. Grasslands and Forests = food, mountains = steel, swamps = oil and basins = rare.  Your production will increase as you level up your farms and plants, associated technologies and production bonuses you get for seizing fields.  Plains and Coastal fields are spaces without res bonuses for city building.
All external fields will have some sort of enemy troops stationed there.  The bigger the reward the stronger the enemy.
There is a 5th item: Gold.  How fast it grows is determined by your tax rate and your population, and the higher both are the higher your income will be.  The tax rate + morale + complaints add up to 100, and if your morale drops below a certain level your population will drop as well.  Adjust your tax rate to suit your needs.  You can set it to 0 and gain a lot of population, or set it to 100 and gain a lot of gold.  Be careful if you set yourtax rate too high your population will leave and your city will grind to a halt.  You can avoid this by pacifying the population for a short period of time allowing you to generate larger amounts of gold.  Pacifications work every 15 min.

-Construction basics

Each building produces a specific outcome.  Some buildings are required to build others and each has advantages.
In your initial city try for a balance of production fields and build at least 1 of every building possible in the military zone.  Houses and arms plants are the buildings that you will need more than 1 of.  The more houses you have the bigger your population will get, and the more arms plants you have the faster you can build troops.
Warehouses are useful for protecting resources from plundering players but 1-2 of them will probably surpass your needs.  If that isn’t enough you should build your army to fight off the plunderers or look into relocating your city as you’ve become a “farm.”

-Population and Labor

Population does 2 specific things for you. First it provides labor to construct your buildings and operate your plants and farms.  It also providesthe basis for your taxes with generate gold.  As the population increases you will generate idle population.  They are important as you can build troops from your idle population.  You can create additional labor or idle population by using strategics, a citizen summons, or by decreasing your production settings.

-Reputation and Ranking up

As you do things in the game; build cities, armies and develop technologies you will gain reputation.  You will also gain reputation by battling the armies of the game and of other players.  As you gain rep points you will be able to increase your rank, which will allow you to hold more cities and field greater armies.  Ranking up also requires you complete other tasks like acquiring a certain number of jewelry etc.  These can usually be found byransacking resource fields that you have seized.
Ransack for 24 hours for maximum benefit.

ServerName: S7 Coral Sea

CommanderName: Betty

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