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[Guide] Guide LVL1b Alliances [Copy the link of this thread]

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b.Alliance Guide [Level 1]


Once you’ve gotten the hang of building and playing the game it’s time to start thinking about creating or joining an alliance.  Both have benefits.  If you create an alliance you get reputation and will forever be known as the founder of that alliance.  This is a great option if you have established relationships with some players and wish to unify to further your goals of world domination.
Or you can join an alliance that isalready working towards that goal.

-Creating / joining an Alliance

Creating an alliance is a fairly simple process, in alliance management you simply name your alliance spend some gold/res and create it.
Then as leader it is your job to recruit members, promote worthy players to leadership positions in your alliance and to decide the diplomatic purpose of your group.  If you’re an established player this is probably a better option than if you are a new player.  As a new player you are best served joining an existing alliance in your area.  Scout around your city for some distance and get a feel for who is local to you.  Make contact with alliances in World Chat and join the one that suits your location and personality.  If you find a good match you will discover that there are many players willing to help you grow and learn to play the game.  This is an incredible advantage as they can support you with offense and defensive battle as well as raw materials and gold.

-Alliance Management

Alliance management consists of 2 basic things: alliance membership and maintenance, and diplomacy.
As a leader or officeryou can invite new players to join, accept applications from players and kick players from the alliance.  As you increase in responsibility you can also promote and demote players up to therank below your own.
Diplomacy involves the relationship between your alliance and others.


Membersof an alliance are joined in a common goal.  As members you can transport goods and troops between your cities faster than non aligned players can.  You can also transport res or dispatch troops to aligned cities.  Membership is limited.

- Staff Positions

Recruit, Sr. Member, Staff Officer, Chief of Staff and Leader are the positions in the alliance.
Each promoting carries an increasing level of responsibility for the management and upkeep of the alliance membership and diplomatic ties.


Alliances can be set to 3 modes, Allies which means they are your friends, and you cannot plunder or attack them or their fields, neutral which means they are neither friend or foe. Players can seize fields from neutral players, but must declare war on then to attack their cities with the time limits and delays intact.
Enemy alliances are your foes.  It’s cats vs. dogs in a battle royale- Thunderdome style “Two men enter, one man leaves.”  Enemy aligned players can be attacked without warning or delay and should be, you’re probably getting buzzed right now about your outgoing seize and your rival’s incoming plunder attacks.  This is where the game gets fun.

-United Offense

As an alllied player you can invite your friends to help you attack an enemy player or field.  This allows you to combine forces to defeat a superior force with fewer losses.  Each player that you invite deceasesyour troop limit that each player can send.  The original sender of the attack will lead it during battle with their officer, but plunder will be split among the participating players.  The leading officer has to arrive at the battle last so he often has to delay his troops to give his allies troops time to arrive.  Practice makes perfect so do it a lot.

-United Defense

United defense is similar to united offenses except there are no troop limits only food limits.  Players do not need to be invited to dispatch troops to defend a city and can do so before an attack happens.  Troops eat a larger amount of food when dispatched to take care not to run out or your troops will desert.
The city Mayor will lead the defense of the city. If the player is not online when the attack arrives the computer will fight according to the defensive tactics selected for each troop type in the general HQ.

ServerName: S7 Coral Sea

CommanderName: Betty

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