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[Guide] Guide LVL2c Officers [Copy the link of this thread]

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c.Officer Guide [Level 2]


Officer sare the life blood or your city and your army. You’ll want them to be their best and still strive to make them better.

- Roles of an Officer

An officer has 2 basic functions.  One they can be made the mayor of your cities and use their attributes to gain you various bonuses. Two they lead your armies into battle and affect your troops on both offense and defense.


You recruit an officer through military academy.  It updates every 15 minutes so check back often.
Officers initial cost is based on their level, and their ongoing salary is based on their quality.
If you have open spaces for officers to fill and don’t actively recruit to fill them you can gain officers 3 other ways as well. Officers will sometimes volunteer their services filling a roster spot, and you can capture NPC as well as player officers in battle.

-Attributes/stats and corresponding bonuses

Officers have three stats: Military, Knowledge and Politics.
Military stats give you bonuses in attacking damage in battle, and decreasing the time it takes to make a troop in your arms plants.
Knowledge gives you bonuses in armor defense and decreases the time it takes to research technologies.
Politics decreases construction time of your buildings and gives you a bonus for resource production.


You can use star badges to retrain your officers.  1 badge is required for level 1-10, 2 for 10-20 etc.  This allows you to reset your officers base attritubes to anything of your choosing.  This is especially effective if you are creating officers for specific purposes ie a knowledge officer as you can apply all of his stats to that one attribute.

-Officer XP, levels and stars

An officers gains XP through construction and troop development if he is the mayor, and through battle expericence is he is a fighter.
As he gains XP he can increase his level, each level gives him 1 point of attribute to assign and as he reaches certain levels he is able to use higher level gear.
The star ranking of an officer gives you an idea of how many attribute points an officer has and correspondingly more that you can adjust with retraining. You can increase your star level by using a Star Badge.  You can readily find level 4* officers in your military academy so they are probably the only officers you should use a star badge on unless you have someone really good as a lower star officer.  Unfortunately the chances of success using a star badge on a level 4 officer is extremely low. My own experience shows that it is a less than 5% chance of success.

-Officer Equipment

Your officer has multiple spaces that you can attach gear that you find, win or purchase with gold, diamonds or honor points.  Free gear tends to be lower level and either gives a low bonus or wears out quickly.  Honor gear is the best as it gives the highest bonuses and does not wear out.  You gain honor by fighting against other players.

-Officer Skills

Officers can learn various skills to help them in battle or as a mayor in defense.  Skills are ground, air or naval based.
You gain them through training manuals which give you a decent chance of learning a random skill. (50% maybe).
If you get a skill that is useless to you or if you want a different one you can unlearn the skill and try again with another training manual.

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