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[Guide] Guide LVL2d Troops and Attacks [Copy the link of this thread]

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d.Battle Guide [Level 2]


This is the introduction to battle as used in the game.
Read this over twice then experiment and develop your own styles and techniques.
Each troop has something it is useful for, even infantry –to clear the early missions forexample.

-Troops and City Defenses

There are multiple troops and defenses that you can choose to build once you develop your technology and buildings to support them.
Troops are as follows:

Infantry-used for initial missions and very low level assaults, uses up idle populations.  Basically useless once you develop further into the game.

MU-Fast infantry.  Early stage useful, later they just eat your food.

Truck-Used to haul res and to increase the attacking range of your troops. Very useful.

AV-Good vs air force and it is the cheapest HP armor you can build.  Great bullet catchers.

LT and HT- Good armor for land battles where you need to absorb damage and attack.

SPG-Good vs Air power and ground units.  You’ll want a lot of these.

Rockets- Weak vs Air, Dominant armor vs all other ground forces and naval subs.  Slow but longest range weapon.

ScoutPlane- Used to defend your city vs enemy scouts, and to scout potential targets.  They are weak vs almost everything, but can have military advantage if you are creative with them. They are the fastest troop in battle.

FighterPlane- Basic air attacking unit. Strongest vs other air troops, weak vs ground and naval.

Bomber-Arial unit for attacking ground forces, they are decent vs other airforce.

Destroyer- Basic naval unit.  Decent vs ground and air forces and vs subs.  Weak vs Rockets, BBS and AC

Subs-Underwater naval units, decent vs naval forces when in range, but weak vs ground or air power.

Battleships(BBS)- The Big Dogs of the Naval world, once you have these you outgun everything and out armor everything but AC’s.

AircraftCarriers (AC)- Floating cities of power, they are the toughest naval force and out range if not out gun BBS.
They are the Holy Grail of naval power.

SpecialForces (SF)- Fast moving infantry that does damage.  The only downside is they have low armor and HP so they’ll die fast but they’ll also do a lot of damage.  Suicide attacks that could win the battle.


Bunkers- Do short range attacks and protecttroops from incoming attacks.

Howitzers-Do medium range attacks with medium amounts of damage.

AT- Do long range attacks with heavy damage

AA- Do medium range attacks vs ground and air with medium damage to ground and heavy to air.
As you level up your wall you will have more spaces to place additional defenses.

- War Declaration

Before you can attack a player who is not in an alliance you are at peace or war with,you have to declare war.
The player you will be attacking is notified via system mail and there is a 4-8hour delay depending if you are axis and allies, a 24 hour war period and an 8 hour cooling off period.

-Seizing vs. Plundering

Plundering takes all the res you can carry minus what is stored in warehouses.  You do not fight wall defenses when plundering but you do not get any gold.  Seizing lets you capture a field or lower morale so you can capture aplayer city.  You cannot capture a NPC city.  Seizing will let you clean out warehouses and gold reserves but you must defeat the defending army, the Wall and all of it’s defenses in 40 battle rounds or less or you will draw.

-Fields vs. NPC cities

Fields provide you with resources if you plunder them, resource bonuses if you seize them and you can build cities on plains or coastal plains if you seize them.  If you ransack a field you have seized for 24 hours you may find jewelry or resources which is important for promotions.  You can also find bonus gear when plundering or seizing fields or NPC cities.  NPC cities get you exp bonuses, some resources and gold and the chance to find valuable items.
Always plunder NPC cities unless you have a VERY strong army. They are costly to seize.

-Before, During and After the Battle

Before battle you should always scout a prospective target.  If it is a player city they will be warned of your scouting by the scout battle or their radar station if it is sufficient level.  During the battle you can control the movements and targets of each of your troops.  You have 30 seconds each round to make your choices.  Each troop has a range and a speed that it moves at and through experience you will learn how to control them for maximum benefit and damage.
After the battle you can view your plunder, and most importantly collect your damaged troops in your General HQ.
You pay gold or diamonds to heal a portion of your losses or you can heal ½ that portion of your army for free.
Medical Tech will increase the% of troops that are recycled.

-Personal Score / Honor Points

You gain personal score and honor points by attacking and defending against other players.
Honor points are important because they can be exchanged for honor gear in the Blitzkrieg Outlet.

ServerName: S7 Coral Sea

CommanderName: Betty

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