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[Guide] Guide LVL3e Trading and Battle [Copy the link of this thread]

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e.Intermediate Guide [Level 3]


This is an introduction to advanced techniques used in Strategems.


Trading allows you to buy and sell resources that you have in surplus or are in need of.  You can trade within your alliance, with the world at large or with the Market Merchant.  Every transaction is limited by the level of your trade center.  Trades with the Market Merchant cost 5 diamonds per transaction.  Trades with players are free.  Resources put up for sale in the trade center can be cancelled if need be.

-Establishing and managing multiple cities

Once you receive a promotion you are granted the opportunity to create a new city.  Each city that you build increases your resource base and your potential army so they are good to have.  Each city must be established in a held field or coastal plain.  In addition you need a free officer, and 10,000 each of gold, food, steel, oil and rare in that field.
As you build your cities you can transport res between them for increased troops or construction, and you can dispatch troops from one to the other for attack or defense.  Check in on your cities often to keep them in good repair.  If resources build above your city limits or sit of long periods oftime, random disasters or hazards will occur and you will lose those resources.

-Attack and Defense tactics

- PvP

If you are attacking another player and both of you are online it is the most exciting part of the game.  It is also the most challenging.  You can have players join you in a joint attack and he can have players dispatch to him in unified defense, and the defending player can reinforce from held fields or other cities setting traps.
It is important that you scout early and scout often if you are attacking an active player.
If you are being attacked and your radar is sufficient you can choose to fight or to run and hide.  Both are valid tactics.  You can also set a trap for players attacking you if you are crafty.

Unfortunately one of the glitches in this game is the computer control of player cities who are offline is greatly inferior to that of an active player, making the major strategic decision often to attack while a player is offline.
Hopefully this will be addressed in future updates to the game giving the advantage to the computer if you attack an offline player and pushing players to actively attack online players.
In the meanwhile, you’ll have a much easier time attacking someone if they’re sleeping, but they’ll probably strike back while you’re at work.

- NPCs

Attacking NPC cities is a great way to develop battle skills, gain experience and useful objects and plunder.
Because the computer control is basic you can learn the basic ranges and strengths and weaknesses of all of your troops.
Plunder. Plunder. Plunder.
Seizing a NPC is a good way to work on your taxation systems as you will need lots of gold to buy back your new zombie army.  Scout first.  The city will take a few minutes to ½ hour to reboot after you plunder it.

- Fields

Attacking fields is an importantpart of the game, plundering them will get you resources and items.  Seizing them will give you production bonuses and spaces to expand your empire. Scout first, because fields do not reinforce you don’t have to scout again.  Select your troops to defeat the army you are facing and go win the day.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting

See you on the Battlefield.

Server Name: S7 Coral Sea

Commander Name: Betty

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