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[Guide] Rookie Guide, Get of the ground running [Copy the link of this thread]

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Rookie Guide

I know how it feels to wonder what something means and read the intro just to find myself with no answer. Hopefully this will help.

Protection period last 7 days, this is important to get your city off the ground, DON’T WASTE IT. You will have 5 builds at a time for 3 days then it goes down to 2 without a construction Mobilization (50 Diamonds). You should keep them building as fast as possible. To do this you need to understand population and resources. Don’t be tempted to start building military. You don’t need it yet and it cost valuable resources.

Houses do just that house workers. Moral being high in the 95 range will help your houses bring population to your city, yet gives you less gold (tax rate). I begin in the 95-97 range and focus on resource farms of food, rare metal, oil, steel. Keep checking Missions in upper right corner of screen. Joy Fort gives you valuable resources including gold so check often you can see your loot in the stockpile tab located at the bottom of your screen. I would get my resources up to 100K of each as fast as possible. Resource fields are connected to research and certain levels are required to research technology. With out resources you’re dead in the water. Build houses you will need around 13 in the future for a good population. DON’T BUILD 13 ALL AT ONCE. Build 4 work on resources build a few more and so forth. Keep them upgraded 500 population over the red. If you need workers for your city that you don’t have, your pop on the right will be red and show a negative. Keep it white around 500 positive any more is a waste until later in the game it moves up slow so mouse over the population symbol and it will tell you your max population this is what your worried about. Give it time to rise up out of the red. But keep building and upgrading they will come while you sleep. So you may build 4 resource field upgrades, and use the 5th for a house. Once you get this going you will need to build Town Hall upgrade to get your new resource fields, and walls etc.

Builders protect ends when you upgrade Town Hall past 5 I hit this the first day and it left me with 6 days to build protected. Go to map and look around for potential enemy. (Not the NPC that say ENEMY) an NPC is a Non Player City. Mouse over a city and it will tell you commander, rep etc. do not forget this when your rushing to up grade your town hall. Every town hall up grade gives you three more resource fields to build. It will allow you to seize a field in the map one per level of town hall which boosts your production. If you go past 5 you’re vulnerable to attack before your ready. Make an educated decision before going this path.

With production underway you should read the missions, they help a lot. If you follow the missions you will be on track, just don’t forget you can’t do anything without resources. Keep them building at all times. As you grow levels in your fields they take longer to build. This brings us to Officers.

Officers: following your missions will bring you to recruiting officers. You first need a politics officer. The higher the star level and the lower the level in number value the better the officer. Politics boost everything in production and lowers you construction time. Recruit an officer with high stars and high politics level, Officer level under 5. Appoint him mayor. Keep checking him you will be able to upgrade him as you grow. Now you will need to check your tax rate to insure your not in the red, if all is well you can check your population and if this is good as stated above you should raise your rate to around 10-15. This will increase your gold income and pay for your officer. The buildings needed Military institute, Staff Headquarters and General Headquarters levels are explained well in the game.

Battle: Your excited now and your eager to unleash devastation on your enemy. Slow down there lightening you need to learn the rules of the fight. The best way is by seizing fields in the map and boosting your production. The missions will have you building certain army men. Use these to attack Fields, Mountains and so forth. This boosts your production and your attack (military) officer. Wait you say military officer? That’s right recruit a military officer same as above but high in military. You will use him as mayor to build military and then back to politics officer. The higher he is in military the faster your army builds. Try it and see. Build 5 infantry and note the time required. Then build 5 more with military officer as mayor and note the time. You will see the difference. This is important later on in the game so get use to it. The same applies to Knowledge and research and so on. Knowledge gives you more protection under attack by enemy as well.

Diamonds: Now you’re getting into an intermediate level you understand the balance of resources military and population. Diamonds are valuable and I mean valuable. Don’t waste them. I never buy speed ups and just junk of the sort. You will receive many diamonds as a rookie so you will spend them like a child with daddy’s credit card. DONT DO THIS. You need them more than anything in the game. You can not reach level 10 resource fields or buildings without them. Which is required for strong army, if your surrounded by enemy you can move your city to safety (near allied members) with an advanced Resettlement Plan and with a random resettlement plan you move your city but no control where it goes, your rolling the dice. Save these diamonds until you need them. If you want information on intermediate play I recommend Ansem post it’s very informative and he is a top player.

Reputation will rise with every build and capture of a field, ballets with enemy and field battles will raise your Reputation. The missions will tell you how to Rank up I suggest you follow them and most of all Have fun with the game, join an alliance and they will help you along as you grow, and read the forums they post a lot of good advice to help you rule the world.


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