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Galaxy Map [Copy the link of this thread]

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Zoomed out Galaxy Map View - Update

We have Green dots for our planets,
White dots for everything else

Would it be possible to add in a Orange coloured Dot for planets we've not explored that would make it easier for folks to track unexplored regions and make sure they don't miss out planets

Although this is a change to the same setup it also needs some other work

Orange Dots - Unexplored planets
Dark Green Dots - Your planets
Green Dots - Your Alliance members planets
Dark Red Dots - Personal Enemy planets
Red Dots - Alliance Enemy planets
Blue Dots - Allied Alliance planets

Obviously the Blue & Red dots require an alliance diplomacy options given to the Leader so he can set friend and foe and stop members attacking folks.

But the other Dot colours could be implimented to help folks review the galaxy

And should a planet be one of your alliance members and also unexplored split the dot in half left side is Green right side if Orange.  Job done

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must of read my mind,  was considering suggesting something like this as all th planets that are unexplored near me are so far off now its a pain to drag and go.

My name is something or other
and i approve this suggestion

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i agree with all but the unexplored option because that makes it easier to get legendary flagships now this really wont affect me because i already got my holy avenger without this update and have been doing this b4 on other servers if u just set up a plan u wont miss a planet if u follow ur own plan and if u do its normally near where u switch planets because u forgot to get a little corner or the name is really big also it took me about 5 months to get the blueprit but it takes longer to actually get and make the materials needed to make the holy do to tech and building restrictions so even if u do manage be willing to wait 2 months due to time on tech building and thats just for lvl 10 light heavy and docking so u have time to find that last planet if u dont want to spend on tech speedups but if u add in unexplored u take the meaning of it being a legendary achievement out of the name of having it which is just a personal opinion but i bet there r others out there


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..and why can we zoom so far out in galaxy view..

is there going to be multiple galaxies? lol :p instead of multi server

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