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JOYFORT FORUMS RULES [Copy the link of this thread]


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Before using our forums, please carefully read and review our policies concerning user generated content. All rules and regulations found in our Term of Service and Privacy Policy apply to our forums; please refer to those original documents if you seek further clarification.

1. You acknowledge that the use of our forums is for public use and not private communications. Also, you acknowledge that you will not use these forums to solicit, sell, or advertise any products, news, or services, unless explicitly permitted in writing by JOYFORT.

2. When using our forums, we cannot guarantee the security or privacy of any information or communications sent and received between users. It is the responsibility of our users to protect their personal information. We assume no responsibility for the leakage of any personal information when users choose to display their information using our forums.

3. JOYFORT is not responsible for the information or content posted by private community members. If you choose to follow technical advice from anyone other than a JOYFORT representative, you are 100% responsible for your resulting actions. JOYFORT is not responsible for the quality of the answers submitted by private forum members. JOYFORT holds no commitment for answering questions posted on the forum, so use the forum with the understanding that it is a community effort.

4. JOYFORT and our Third Party Providers have no obligation to monitor or supervise the forums. However, we reserve the right to monitor and supervise all services, websites, and forums. JOYFORT also has the right, in our sole discretion, to supervise, monitor, edit, screen, block, remove, and refuse to post or transmit any user generated content, in part or in whole.

5. Community Rules of Conduct
The terms listed below are not all-inclusive and are subject to change without notice. Exceptions to these guidelines may be made on a case-by-case basis, depending on JOYFORT determines to be in the best interest of its users as a whole.

a. Do not personally attack, insult, threaten, or “troll" another user.

b. Posts containing vulgar, obscene, or otherwise generally unacceptable material will be removed and a warning will be issued. This includes, but is not limited to, any material that can be construed as racist or illegal, or includes pornography, copyright violations etc. In addition, no discussions on religion and politics and no direct links to such subjects will be allowed.

c. Do not discuss topics that are in direct violation of the Terms of Service. This also includes discussion in violation of any Non Disclosure Agreement ("NDA") a game title or player may be under.

d. Posts that do not provide any substance to the discussion, or the user community as a whole, will be remove
d. This includes, but is not limited to, advertising/spam, abusing the color/size tags, using emoticons excessively, abusing the quote function, posting without using the search function first, posting irrelevant to the topic under discussion, and posting messages that could be considered “baiting" another poster.

e. Please keep posts related to the topic at hand. While some discussions will naturally morph into related topics, purposefully derailing a conversation will not be tolerated.

f. Users are strictly forbidden from disclosing via Public Communication Services any private correspondence or the outcomes of such correspondence, with any JOYFORT representative or staff without the explicit permission of the JOYFORT representative or staff. Should you have a comment, concern, question or issue, use the private message feature to contact a moderator or administrator directly. Furthermore, if you believe a post or thread to be in violation of these rules, either in whole or in part, immediately report the post or thread or contact a JOYFORT representative privately. In addition, altering or editing a staff member’s message in any way is forbidden.

g. Private messages shall be kept private unless a user has obtained the express written consent of the author of such message(s) to publicly post the information contained therein.

h. Bugs, exploits, bots, hacks, or cheats in any form are not acceptable topics to be discussed via the Public Communication Services. Should you find a non-abusive bug pertaining to any of the JOYFORT’s products, please use the Public Communications Services to let us know about the issue. For malicious exploits and other such cheats, please email us directly at cs[at]joyfort.com, replacing the [at] with @.

i. You are personally responsible for your conduct while using JOYFORT’s websites and services. If you create a new account to continue actions in violation of the Terms of Service because another account was suspended, any accounts involved will be permanently revoked. Disciplinary actions such as forum suspension apply to a person, not a specific account. This also includes posting by proxy or on behalf of a suspended user.

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