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Author: Wolfpack1

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bladesoul should be fired...

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I agree, if we stop spending dimes and send tickets telling them why we are not spending dimes maybe they will pay better attention, every M server needs a merge, we have all spent to much time and money to let our accounts go to waste because JF doesnt care about their customers and allows all M servers to be dead, and as long as those weak ones keep filling their pockets by running away to new servers they will continue to look past us, we all need to make a stand and flood their tickets with disapproval everyone, friend or foe, my opinion.

Billy T

M8, M14 and M18

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akillize16 wrote 4-1-2014 07:28 AM
Maybe if you guys learned how to play and protected your cities you wouldn't have to run to a new se ...

because its free we should expect a shitty company running stuff eh? noone would ever play and a lot of people do pay to play and those are the ones who are upset

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