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Sales Promotion idea. [Copy the link of this thread]

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Post Time: 10-2-2013 01:46:10 AM |Show all posts
How about for a week, Joyfort opens a poll about what people want for sale for the next week.

The rules:
* Top 5 are in the following week Sales Promotion
* the amount discounted is the percentage of votes (max 50%)

I am sure this would make money for Joyfort as they be selling stuff that people need/want

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Post Time: 10-2-2013 01:10:57 PM |Show all posts
Post edited by Kaylof at 10-2-2013 08:12 PM

only thing is every week they did this folks would rightly want the MA's lol

If they put up a list of say 15-20 items though that would be good and sometimes include MA's

Top 5 gets into that week - very nice way to bring the population into making some choices
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Post Time: 1-6-2014 04:56:24 AM |Show all posts
ima buy me a protein injection, no, a royal package oh idk heh...

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Post Time: 1-6-2014 08:36:37 PM |Show all posts
i'd liek to buy a merge vanna

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