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WHERE IS CUSTOMER SERVICE????? [Copy the link of this thread]

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My S/N is FIRE. At this point the game is no longer fun to play. To make a long story short THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO MY LEVEL NINE MAGIC ATTACK!!!!! GONE!!!!! While I was waiting for a response to my first ticket, I decided rather than keep playing without any Magic Attack at all, I'd start a NEW magic attack with my Specter guard. I worked HARD to get it up to level NINE. I started the Black Dragon Hunt today, noticed that I forgot to take the Attack magic from Specter and put it on my Hero. I removed it from Specter, tried to drag it over onto my Hero's grid and it said SYSTEM ERROR. The level NINE attack magic has disappeared TOO!! i don't see the point in continuing to play the game if I keep losing ground through no fault of my own. Sorry people, I'll miss you, but until someone in charge replaces all I've lost and then some, I've had it!


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