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Author: HELPgm

Stuck at loading screen   [Copy the link of this thread]

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GM:) wrote 4-27-2014 11:36 AM
pleas have the patience , happy time , we work hardons  , jpleas buy some shiney and soon we have ec ...

Are you saying the same things I heard 2.5 years ago "Coming Soon".

Its like an old guy who cant quite get it up coz he lost his Viagra, like this game...things are coming soon but never arrive..

I learned a lot about business and the nature of how many managers and officials operate.  For a year or so I worked under contract for government and the justice system amongst other contracts.  

But despite this, the one relevant thing that really stuck out of many experiences there, was this pearl of wisdom, I picked up after it was flippantly said by my boss one day.   "Sometimes you just have to tell the people what they want to hear"

But it only works for so long, as many politicians find out..  L.O.N fan base has dramatically shrunk over the years with players voting by going and playing fun games/

The point being, people don't care what you say or do as long as you deliver what is promised... like the idea of me buying diamonds again....  "Coming soon"

thank you have very much sunshine day with no rain and many pleasant deep fried scorpion on a stick for lunch..

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