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Suggestions for Deepspace Fleet: BHC [Copy the link of this thread]

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Post Time: 6-23-2014 11:07:30 AM |Show all posts
This is a thread for brainstorming ideas to make Deepspace fleet: Blackhole Crisis better. Please do not post negative comments here. This is for people that have ideas to make the game better.

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iPad version ideas.

Not all alliances are created equally. Some will dominate the alliance events every time. Perhaps having some weighing factor that's based upon activity would create more competitive alliance events. For example, if it is determined by the server that allinace 1 has 40 active players and alliance 2 has 20 active players, however points are scored, give alliance 2 twice the amount of points.

"Raid Events"
Create points on the map that require more than one player to hit. Wormhole 15 or Sintan Sector Headquarters, etc.

One gold mine per sector. Even if it's level 1. It could create a focal point for combat outside of a players base.

Drawing on the last idea, other points on the map that could be focal points. Mines were a good start, but there are plenty for everyone. We need a target (Research Station, Fuel Depot, etc.) that a player would have to control for X amount of time in order to receive the reward.

New events. Examples: During an event, new points appear on the map that we have to explore or attack or whatever. This can be single player targets or 5-man alliance hits.

Flagship ideas. After exploring the galaxy and collecting donation packages for about three months, I still can't see the light at the end of the tunnel for getting my flagship abilities to level 8. More ways to get flagship items (hello exploration events?). Perhaps I can use two flagship abilities at once, but they do half of their ability, or use three at once and they do a third of their ability.

Galactic events that can reshape the map and move players around. Maybe the players can choose where they end up? Maybe it's random. Perhaps the wormhole in the center of the galaxy "sucks up" the innermost sectors and those players have to do something to move their base. This could lead to more sectors showing up at the edge of the galaxy for exploration.

Hero experience for exploring. My heroes are bored most of the day. I have eight of them and really only use three of them. Have something for them to do. Diplomacy missions to planets or other alliance bases? War Room meetings with alliance members? these could all be "trips" for a hero that could keep them busy and provide some reward.

Daily reward for logging in? One diamond a day? One flagship blueprint? Speaking of flagship blueprints, it's time to bring the rhinos back.

I want to destroy something on the map. Make something that when I hit it, it goes away. Maybe random spawns that have a reward, etc. Maybe a raid that requires a lot of players to hit. Maybe these items disappear after awhile.

Defences for mines.

Earth. Neutral planet that perhaps we could send a fleet there once a day for some reward. Sintan research center to raid for research rewards.

Bookmark-able stuff. A lot of fleets are made the same way each time (wormhole fleets). Have a way to save a fleet configuration that you can access quickly with one tap. Hero gear sets can be bookmark-able too. Also, we need more bookmarks for map items.

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