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Thanksgiving 2014 Joyfort [Copy the link of this thread]

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Post Time: 11-25-2014 08:53:17 AM |Show all posts
I find it funny how ya say In order for joyfort to express thank you for long term players is to have the buy diamond packages..WTH is wrong with you joyfort? How do you dare tell someone hey i wanta say thank you to you for supporting us but in order for that ya gotta buy buy even more from us so we can .Thats not a give thanks gift, its more of a hey lets scam players out of even more money but lets make them think its a gift from us...Sorta like saying hey i got you this Christmas gift but ya gotta pay me for it before i am gonna give it to you.Joy fort your  a sad group of folks...Ya ever heard of people getting letters from over seas saying hey we have a 300k check for you but ya gotta send us a 30k money order or wire transfer in order for use to send you it, or the heres a 30k check , we only owe you 22k so send use back 8k due to use overpaying you.....can ya say SCAM...
Seems that ya would have thanked ALL players by lowering item mall things or REALLY giving them something without demanding something in return.. , these are the people who support your game and without them you would have nothing but a game NO ONE plays at all......Its funny and sad how how humans somehow think more about profits then about anything else...

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Beware the golden rice syndrome,

that is all westerners or especially the target market of disposable income target by most developers in the lucrative North America market.

Indeed these entities believe we have a limitless supply of disposable income.  they forget they are competing with all other gaming companies and think they can extort the western devil's.  Who they envy but secretly hate because they think we are about as smart as cattle and don't work hard enough.  While still largely envying the westerners pop culture, indeed its a bizzare scenario.

The golden rice syndrome goes like this, its an absolutely entrenched mind-set, it is absolutely impossible to make them understand the concept or relationship of your earnings to living costs % is similar to theirs.  I can sum it up in a shorter sentence I had said to me from a person of Asian decent. "You come from rich country".

Because you come from richer or more well developed country than their country then your country has no government debt your taxes ( in all forms) doesn't steal up 2 days of your working week before you get it in taxes.  you have no poor people or homelessness.  You come from rich country everything is better there EVERYTHING.. indeed your swimming pool is similar to uncle scrooge mcducks vault full of real gold coins and you use C notes to light all fires with and cigars etc.. End of story.

Trust me, I tried explain it to a number of Asians from less well off countries, that the cost of living and wages and price of things in general is basically largely relative.  There is no comprehension of this at all indeed they think your joking at first then confusion... Bingo golden rice syndrome!

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