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What you going to do for us Joyfort???? [Copy the link of this thread]

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Post Time: 1-5-2015 05:26:28 AM |Show all posts
Well after trying numerous times yesterday, 1/4/14, and not being able to get on, I stopped trying last night. Can't remember the time, but maybe 6-7 PM. I finally gave up, tired of trying.
Well looky-here, we are up and running when I got up this morning 1/5, 6:30ish AM. And I find out that because of server issues I had to auto-feed 4 times to feed troops!!!!!! What if I didn't have the money to buy food? I would of lost 100's of thousands of troops!!! It takes a log time to get back to where one was. It happened about a month ago (my fault), and I then lost a few hundred thousand troops. Still not quite back to where I was before that.

Joyfort get your feces together!!!

Seriously thinking of giving up. This is NOT worth it!


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