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[Fleet Organization] Flagship Rename [Copy the link of this thread]

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Hello! I have been silently playing for a while and one thing that keeps bugging me every time I either start on new server or play on my old one is the flagships. And not their design methords or anyhing like that, but the fact that we can not rename them. If you are someone like me, who uses multiple types of flagships against different enemy overbalance(in other words, who uses different flagships to counter different enemy ships), then having a different name for different types of flagships really helps. Cause mixing up an anti-battleship flagship and putting it against fighter eagles is just plain suicide. (since you use lots of winds against eagles anyway). Same reason if I frigate flagship against a mostly battleship fleet, most likely, i'm better off with other battleships and no flagship at all.

It's not just the counter principle, if I have a lion I use for low lvl ABG while I use a different setup lion in mid lvl abg, if I mix them up, it's like mixing up a day and a night. Only way to tell apart is name and level, but at same level you don't tell them appart by name.
Hence, why I suggest a gamefeature that allows us to rename flagships.

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