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New game idea [Copy the link of this thread]

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How about making a 'king of the hill' scenario within the normal game, not an event, something that is continually going.

My Idea was that the 'universe' is in a sort of circle with a big empty space in the middle. In the middle of this empty space could be another galaxy or just a planet. Then people or alliances will occupy/seize that space or planet for rewards. You would set it that an unlimited amount of fleets and ships can reinforce the area so it prompts players to try and occupy it, this would also make the game more interactive and fun.

If the same person or alliance holds the planet for 24 hrs they could receive a small boost in resource output, say 10%, if they hold it for another day it goes up to 20% and so on until the limit is reached which can be set at whatever was decided.

Once a person or alliance occupies the planet other players or alliance can attack it to try and gain control of it and so on.


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