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What to do to progress in the game [Copy the link of this thread]

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Post Time: 5-9-2015 11:00:49 AM |Show all posts
I don't really know what to do right now to progress in the game like what to upgrade, what to train, devices to make and stuff to fit my flagship. Or what I should focus on right now btw I'm level 2 1/2.

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Post Time: 7-7-2015 02:21:15 PM |Show all posts
Long term goal- Get Research up to lvl 25 (which means your control tower will need to be lvl 25 also).  This unlocks advance engineering in tech which creates your 2nd Mothership.  With the 2nd Mothership, you will be able to seize another planet.

Short term goals, 1) Advance one terraforming aspect one level per day (no use doing more because you need time to build up civ points for next section of terraforming).  2) Do daily quests (like 1) for bonus items.  3) Do a couple sections of storyline per day (gives bonus resources, coins, commanders, items and ships.  4) try talking with people in chat.. if you like the game after about a week or two look for an alliance to join.

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