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DROPS NPC,GAME IN GENERAL [Copy the link of this thread]

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Post Time: 9-14-2015 05:53:18 AM |Show all posts
Been playing this game,a long,long time,must say lately the drop ratio on npc is just terrible these days,they say its random,but come on we all no thats not the truth,more items drop at the start off a new server to incourage you to buy,then after about 3 months joyfort change the drop rate ratio to less than 5 percent,as they hope you will run off to a new server to spend,its like a kick in the teeth that people spend good money to then be treated like dirt a few months later in a server.
Dont get me going on star badges,70 fails so far for me on S83   WAIT SORRY ITS RANDOM  LOL

joyfort to there credit have thought off everyway possible to try squeeze every penny out off you,then when you send in a ticket,your kindly told its random,please try again,,,,arent we a pack off mugs.
I see players cheating all over the severs with ALTS to try get free officers and equip,and you no what,i cant blame these guys for doing it,they where prob honest players at one stage,but after years off watching JOYFORT  CHEATING on players,fair is fair.

You should be ashamed Joyfort Staff for what your doing to your loyal customers,but hey hope you all have other jobs lined up,as what is the only thing DROPPING in joyfort is the player base,good work hope you all pat yourselves on the back everyday by slowly destroying your own game.
Have a nice day all.

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Post Time: 6-16-2016 05:10:57 AM |Show all posts
yeah ..what jock said

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