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How to go mobile with Android in Game [Copy the link of this thread]

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While some of us have been waiting for an "Apple app", here's a way you can play on the Android mobile device you have now!

First in Google Play store, download FlashFox Web browser * I am using the free version!

Then, sign in to Joyfort and play your favorite game on your favorite server
Press the 3 dots and press the book in the middle

Catch the (black backgrouned) pop up from the web browser's code (you'll know the difference
and press Add to Home Screen.  If you miss it, go back and Trash the book and do it again.

Your desktop will look similar to this with the server short cut

You have to turn off Predictive text to communicate correctly
O  r   y  o  u w i l l   t a l k  l i k  E    t  h  i  s.  !0!

Go to your settings on your android device

Click on Language & Input

Turn Off predictive text.  The browser isn't fast enough to catch all of the code from Android

This is the game Vertically

This is the game Horizontally

Now you can play your game and "have a life".
I don't play the other two games, so this may work for the other two.

My suggestion:

Law of the universe: What you put out there, you will receive.
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