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Post Time: 10-2-2015 10:01:39 PM |Show all posts
OK, we have taken weeks on end without PVP, then 2 weeks in a row of them is too much...but it has to be 4-6 months since you had Master Architect  blueprints on for 40. And by the way, since you left PVP on 2 weeks in a row, maybe you could not do it again for 4 weeks from now? it will be hard to re-build enough fleets in 3-4 weeks from end of last one. PLEASE AGAIN, in using PVP points, can we cash 999 instead of 99? I am getting carpal tunnel syndrome cashing only 99 at a time!!!!!!!!

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Post Time: 10-8-2015 11:51:13 AM |Show all posts
999 it is better

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