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The Announcement of Merger! (S77, S78) [Copy the link of this thread]

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Good News, Commanders!
To be sure, you've become a king of war after months of blood, sweat and tears in so many cruel wars. To test whether you are the toughest and strongest, we have decided to merge servers to create a new world for all commanders. That's right! Several servers will share a common war world! For glory and honor, commanders, lead your army and weapons to conquer enemies, or they will conquer you! To ensure a smooth transition, we have important information to pass on. Please read the following information carefully, Joyfort is not responsible for any loss because of deviation from the rules.

S77, S78 Merged Server Name: M29 - Jeep 1940
Please click here to enter the character selection page

Time and Date

(a) 00:01, 3rd November. 2015
(Server Time)
* Stop character registration.

(b) 00:01, 3rd
November. 2015 (Server Time)
* Open character selection page.
* Open Naval Troops Exchange mission.
* Turn off Hazard/Disaster.

(c) 23:59, 8
November. 2015 (Server Time)
* Close character selection page.
* Close Naval Troops Exchange mission.

(d) 00:01, 9
November. 2015 (Server Time)
* Servers down.
* Naval troops that were NOT exchanged for vouchers will be lost.

(e) 00:01,
November. 2015 (Server Time)
* Open new merged server.
* Open Naval Voucher Redeem Mission.
* Compensation: (only for Reputation above 400,000)
    1. Coastal Resettlement Plan
    2. Advanced Resettlement Plan
    3. Alliance Expansion for former alliance leader
    4. Name Card
    5. Golden Diamond Chest (contains 100 Diamonds)

(f) Protection Period: Protection period will be enabled from 00:01, 12th
November. 2015 to 23:59, 18th November. 2015.(server time)

(g) Hazard/Disaster: Hazard/Disaster will be disabled during 00:01,
November. 2015 to 23:59, wnd December. 2015.(server time)

(h) Navy Retrieving Mission: Navy Retrieving Mission will be closed and removed by 23:59,
November. 2015.(server time)
Please redeem your navy troops within the deadline.

General Introduction

Before the server merger, players need to choose a single character they are going to keep amongst all under the same account. You can click on the Character Selecting Page at the beginning of this announcement to choose the character you are going to keep.

- Youcan change your selection any time before the page is shut down. Your last selection before the page is shut down will be automatically chosen as your character.
- Abandoned characters will be permanently deleted after the merger.

We have listed all changes that will occur during the merger. Here's what you need to know:

I. Account

- For multiple active commanders associated with one account: If you have more than one active commander on the merging servers under the same account, you will need to access the commander selection page to choose which commander to play when you log into the merged server. Only one of the commanders can be reserved after the server merger. So please make your selection carefully.

You will be compensated for the deleted characters according to the following conditions:

- If you have been recharged for the deleted characters before the merger, your reserved character will be reimbursed with diamonds equivalent to 30% of the recharge amount, regardless of whether the diamonds have been spent.
- Items for deleted characters will NOT be reimbursed.

- Deleted characters will also earn you diamonds according to their positions. Here are the details:
1. Company: 50 Diamonds
2. Battalion: 80 Diamonds
3. Regiment: 120 Diamonds
4. Brigade: 170 Diamonds
5. Division: 250 Diamonds
6. Corps: 350 Diamonds
7. Army: 500 Diamonds

II. Characters with same name:

In order to avoid commander name duplications, all commanders will be renamed as[server SEQ number + original commander name] after the merger. For instance, if someone from S25 is named Bladesoul, then he/she will be renamed (25)Bladesoul after the servers have merged.
Players with reputations higher than 400,000 will receive a free Name Card. Once they have received their Name Cards, players are then welcome to choose a new name.

III. Cities, armies, missions & items

- Navy Exchange missions will be enabled during the character selection period. Players can exchange their naval troops for  troop vouchers through "Mission -> Daily -> Navy Exchange". After the merger, all naval units will disappear. But players can exchange those vouchers back into naval units once they establish a coastal city with a Naval Academy. Please stop training navy before the merger takes place. Any navy training progress accumulated before the merger will not be retained.
Note*: Naval troops that were NOT exchanged for vouchers will be permanently deleted.

For example, BladeSoul has one Aircraft Carrier at his coastal city. He completes the Navy Exchange mission and receives one Aircraft voucher. After the merger, the voucher can be redeemed at a Coastal City with a Naval Academy, and Bladesoul gets back his Aircraft Carrier.

Coastal City
- All coastal cities will become inland cities with the Naval Academy removed. Coordinates are randomly assigned.
Players with Reputation higher than 400,000 will receive one Coastal Resettlement Planfor each coastal city they possessed. The Coastal Resettlement Plan can be used to move any inland city to a specific (exact) coastal plain. If the coastal plain is already occupied, then the resettlement fails.
Players who had level 10 Naval Academy will get a Master Architect's Blueprint for each level 10 Naval Academy they possessed.

Inactive accounts
- Inactive accounts and abandoned cities will be wiped out.
1. No recharge records.
2. No login records during the previous 2 weeks.
3. Reputations lower than 400,000.
All 3 conditions must be met for the account to be marked as "inactive" and wiped.

Inland city - Inland cities will be randomly spread throughout the world. Players with reputations higher than 400,000will receive Advance Resettlement Plan * 1, one for each inland city they own.

Coastal Plain - All coastal plains on the newly merged server can be reoccupied.

Resource Field - All resource fields that were under occupancy will be freed and can be reoccupied again.

Alliance - All alliances will be disbanded and the former alliance leader will receive Alliance Expansion * 1.

Technology - Technology status will remain the same for the reserved character. Technology currently being researched will retain its progress.

Mission - Mission progress will remain the same for the reserved character. All the reserved character's items will be retained.
*Note: Statistical missions will be initialized.

Army - Non-naval troops will be kept. All troops outside of the cities will return to their departure cities. The carried resources will be deleted. All troops in combat will be reverted back to the status they held before they entered the battlefield. When the ransacking troops return to their departure cities, the carried resources will be deleted. The training of non-naval troops will be retained.

Trade - All transactions will be canceled, listed transactions will return to the seller, and transactions in transported status will be completed instantly.

Honor and Reputation - Both will be retained.

Strategic status - Will be retained, including resource output bonuses, stratagem status, etc.

Building - All buildings (except the Naval Academy) will be retained.

Officer - All officers and equipments will be retained.

Hero - All captured WWII Heroes will be converted into normal officers withtheir outstanding attribute status/level retained. Heroes will lose the extra 2 equipment slots.The gears on the 2 slots will be put back to the stockpile. Players will be compensated with 60 diamonds and Tactical Training Manuals * 5 and Commission * 1 for each WWII Hero they possessed. Rewards for specific WWII hero missions will not be given if you have already finished the same missions in your original server.

General - All Generals will be converted into normal officers withtheir outstanding attribute status/level retained. Generals will lose the extra 2 equipment slots.The gears on the 2 slots will be put back to the stockpile.

Ⅳ. Protection Period
- There will be a protection period on the new servers for the first7 days. During that time players will be able to move their cities, redeem troops and deploy troops. Players are not allowed to attack each other until the protection expires.
V. Hazards and Disasters will be disabled for one month from the day when Selection page is opened.

VI. What if you DON'T select any character during the Character Selection Period?

If you have multiple characters that survived the inactive account wiping, our system will choose a character automatically, according to the following conditions:
- Payment – The character with the highest diamond record will be selected.
- Reputation – If multiple characters have the same diamond record, the character with the highest reputation will be selected. If multiple characters have the same number of diamonds transferred and the same reputation, one of those accounts will be randomly selected.

VII. What about these existing Alliance Fortresses?

Alliance Fortresses in S77,S78 will be removed once the new merged server opens.

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